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Hello, I am Jason, a heart-centered creator who helps people—just like you—expand their conscious awareness through heart-centered mindfulness, meditation, and creative artistry.

A uniquely heart-centered approach to helping individuals accelerate growth via higher consciousness awakening, guided meditations, and online coaching. When we work together, “heart-centered” means you’ll achieve your unique objectives through mindful awareness.

Higher Consciousness Awakening, Guided Meditations, and Online Coaching

If you’re interested in working with me, I recommend starting out by scheduling a free 15-Minute Discovery Session trying the guided meditations (14-day free trial). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me through Facebook Messenger. Thank you, Jason.

Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

  Online Brand Strategy + Design

Helping businesses and individuals expand by inspiring growth for online brand strategy and design. With a uniquely heart-centered approach, Jason Holland helps business owners and entrepreneurs accelerate growth, both professionally and personally.

Evolve Your Brand Strategy and Design Online

  • Strategy. Focused on hand-crafting brand authenticity, I am committed to measurable results, audience engagement, and a strategy designed to build a lasting relationship with each client.
  • Creative. With more than 20 years of professional design experience, I seek to assist clients with all of their branding and creative needs from conception to execution and beyond.
  • Technology. By taking care of the technology for you, my goal is to help you strategically launch your brand, increase traffic, grow your list, and generate revenue.

    What You Can Expect

    Design expertise and brand strategy for products and services through leadership, research, and development for evolving brands online.
    • Strategy and design that communicates you
    • A no-nonsense creative problem solving style
    • On time and on budget delivering
    • Hand-crafted, mobile-ready, WordPress website
    Evolve Your Online Presence

    The 7-Day #LiveCreative Meditation Experience are guided, seven chakra healing meditations designed by Jason Holland for consciousness awakening, heart-centered healing, and personal transformation.

    Awaken Your Creativity Within

    Having a focused state of mind and peaceful, positive intention, leverage the practice of meditation in your life to transform your understanding of yourself and create a new meaning of the experiences in your life.

    • Ignite the fuel of your creative fire, find your voice, and kickstart a journey of personal transformation through creative process to realizing your full potential.
    • New to Meditation? Don’t worry. In each meditation, I guide you step-by-step through the experience.
    • Each of the seven day guided meditations will give you an in-depth understanding of your chakras.

    What You Can Expect

    Meditation is a technique for resting the mind with to transform the way you think.

    • Each meditation is about 17 to 20 minutes
    • Includes mantras to focus your awareness
    • Heart-centered breath work to clear the mind
      Ready to Awaken Your Creativity Within?

      During the FREE 15-Minute Discovery Session, we will review your unique situation and I will provide you with initial recommendations for moving forward to awaken your creativity and realize your full potential.

      What Are Your Goals?

      We’ll start by identifying the specific issue of your unique situation. Before we begin, I invite you to envision your desired outcome.

      • Where are you now, versus that desired outcome?
      • What are the goals you want to achieve?
      • What will that look like or feel like for you (subjective or objective)?

      What You Can Expect

      The purposes of the 15-Minute Discovery Session is for us to:

      • Connect and decide if we are a good match;
      • Review your unique situation;
      • Recommendations for achieiving your goals.
        Schedule a Discovery Session
        Need help breaking free of mediocrity to realize your full potential? Allow me to help you connect with your creativity and inner wisdom through mindfulness, intentional living, and transformational thinking. Schedule a 60-minute Coaching Session with Jason Holland to help you connect with your inner wisdom.

        Inspiring Mindfulness and Creative Artistry

        • Speak your truth. It’s your birthright! While it may be difficult at first, when we give voice to our shadows and bring them to the light, we decrease their negative hold on us and increase the power of positivity.
        • Courage and Authenticity. Be true to your most authentic self; strive for your highest purpose. Always encourage others to share their truth and realize their full potential.
        • Joy and Abundance. As the beautiful, creative beings we are; we are more alike than we are different. Share your joy from your unique viewpoint.

        What You Can Expect

        Creativity is the force that runs through everything—a power within each of us.
        • Where are you now vs. your desired outcome?
        • What are the goals you want to achieve?
        • What will that look like or feel like for you?
        • How will you hold yourself accountable?
        • What might get in the way?
        Realize Your Full Creative Potential

          Supporting the Community

        I believe that when we give out to our community, what comes back to us is better than we can imagine. A portion of all proceeds earned through this website to charitable organizations via

        “Leave The World Better Than You Found It”

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        As a creator, I provided much of the content on this site for free. I can deliver valuable content to you through donations, and the affiliation and partnerships with products and services I both love and personally use.

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