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Respira Tu Amor

"Respira Tu Amor" Purpose-Driven Web Design by Jason Samadhi
Respira tu amor (Breathe Your Love) by Mariposa (Cristina Alcalde) is a multi-dimensional approach to the expansion of the mind, body and spirit, using breathwork, tantra, and yoga.

Purpose-Driven Design & Integrative Digital Marketing

About Respira Tu Amor

Respira tu Amor (Breathing your love) you will remind you to feel your essence, remembering that you are a multidimensional being.

Respira tu amor Breathwork is the combination of different modalities, SOMA Breath, Wim Hof Method, tantra (sublimation/transmutation of sexual energy for spiritual purposes), and shamanism.

Services Rendered

Digital Brand Strategy

Responsive Website Design

User Experience Design (UX/UI)

Ecommerce (WooCommerce)

Website Performance Optimization

WordPress Web Develoment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Integrative Marketing Strategy

Purpose-Driven Design & Integrative Digital Marketing

Client Testimonial

❝ I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for Jason’s work! His work is professional and it’s reflected in the quality of the product he creates. And, his turn around time is fast! The new website has helped me grow my business and create deeper connections with my customers. I can’t recommend his work enough! Thank you! ❞

Respira Tu Amor, Playa del Carmen, QR, MX

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Purpose-Driven Design & Integrative Digital Marketing

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