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“A man is born to the world he is made.” the Shatapatha Brahmana (700 BCE).
In accordance with the #LiveCreative Philosophy, I believe that when we give out to our community, what comes back to us is better than we can imagine.

Currently Supported Organizations

Jason Holland Creative Studio donates a portion of all proceeds earned through this website to charitable organizations via* Depending on the status of their goals achieved, the listed organizations below may change. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

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Fundación Proacceso

Using technology to catalyze the social and economic development, Fundación Proacceso offers courses on computer and Internet skills, English, reading, math and studying techniques to low-income communities in Mexico.

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The GVI Trust

Working with local partners, Global Vision International Charitable Trust intends to identify, protect and preserve areas with high biodiversity, as well as those that are essential to maintain the ecology of the Yucatan.

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Libros para Todos

The nonprofit organization Libros para Todos (Books for Everyone), seeks to inspire children in Mexico to read more, particularly those children and young adults residing in rural communities where access to books is limited.

Note: All projects and organizations are supported through their respective fundraising efforts on
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