Finding Your Creative G-Spot (Just Go with the Flow)

Date Posted: 04/29/2019
How getting my golden retriever, Mila, helped me find my "creative g-spot." Hint: it's all about 'just go with the flow."

Today, I thought I would talk about going with your flow and finding your “creative g-spot.” So at the time I got Mila – my dog, a female golden retriever – I was living in San Diego, CA, USA. At the time, I slept in late. Late to bed, late to rise, and my favorite time to be creative was in the evening – usually late at night.

When I got Mila, everything changed. It started out that in the mornings when she wanted my attention she would wag her tail and bang it against everything. That’s was how she made noise got my attention. Unfortunately, she started doing it at 3:30/4:00 in the morning. So, consequently, I started having to get up earlier and earlier.

Much did the demise of many of my friendships, at the time, I ended up going to bed earlier and earlier. It made for a lot of awkward social adjustments. Strangely, though, I learned I kind of liked getting up earlier. In the morning, when I would take her out, we go out back to the potty area. I had this neighbor Gary, who was about 75 at the time, and he enjoyed getting up early as well.

Gary would be outside, sitting at his little cafe table next to his apartment, having his dirty chai lattes, smoking two cigarettes, and playing mind games on his iPhone. After taking Mila potty, I’d return and Gary and I, sometimes not always, sit there early in the morning, before sunrise we’d just sit there and chat. Talk, visit, and share what we were doing for the day. Somehow, it became the most unlikely of friendships. It was one of those friendships in my life that had a tremendous impact.

Gary was an amazing person. He was a surgeon, a sculptor, a composer, a pilot, and at one point, he had opened a winery. And, as we became friends, he decided to move back to a small town in Arizona called Tubac to help start an artist residency.

And so, I joined him, to his invitation, a couple of months later. Initially, just for a weekend visit, it ended up turning into a 3-month stay.

I think he just needed help redecorating, reorganizing everything, and cleaning up the house. It was an old house in old town Tubac.

It was just an amazing friendship and the most unlikely friendship. A 75-year-old straight guy in this 35-year-old gay guy – you’d just never think that would happen, but it did. We became great friends.

During that time, my routine shifted, and I got used to waking up early in the morning. I found that my favorite time to be creative was that early morning from 4:30 till 7:00 or 8:00 am. At first, it would drive me bonkers getting up that early every day, and I would fight it and go back to bed.

I read all kinds of things online about what it meant, to know if you were getting disrupted sleep and not having a productive day. I also read that if you have breaks in your sleep, just get up, and don’t fight it. Do something for a while until you make yourself tired, and then you go back to bed.

After a while, what I discovered though, was that my creativity was actually at its best during those early hours.

So my advice to you today is that as you’re finding your creative flow, whatever your creative endeavor is. Just go with the flow. Don’t fight it. If you wake up in the middle of the night, even if you know you have to get up early in the morning, but you’re feeling inspired: just go with it.

Whatever it is you’re feeling or thinking about, take inspired action and just go with the flow. See what comes out, allow it to happen, and find your “creative g-spot.” Whatever makes you happy, brings you joy, and brings your inspiration – take action. Inspired action, as someone once told me. You may be pleasantly surprised.

It may completely change your friendships, and your routines, but you’ll never know until you take action. Just go with the flow, listen to your heart, and do what brings you joy.

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