Don’t Be Afraid to Build a Blog with WordPress

05/5/2018 | Website Design

I just happen to be a WordPress guy, I can code and do all that stuff, but my preference is to use the Bill the Divi Builder to keep costs down and so that my clients can easily manage their content without having to know any code.

When I a build a blog with WordPress website for my client – it is really important for me that I build it so that it is, what I like to say is, sustainable. In other words, I believe in kind of a slow brew approach to digital marketing.

I think that if you are going to build an online presence you know, there are lots of really great tools, and tricks, resources, tutorials – all kinds of things – out there that can show you how to do this successfully quickly. A lot of smart methodology on how to grow your audience fast

Build-a-Blog: A Slow Brew Approach to Digital Marketing

I tend to take a little bit of a slow brew approach, in other words, my feeling is that developing an audience online, especially when you’re starting out in the beginning, is like building any other kind of relationship.

You need to build “know, like, and trust.” And these are steps that you can’t skip. Relationship building takes time, and people need to get to know you, they need to like you, and then they need to trust you know.

I think a lot of people worry that, especially in the beginning, when it comes to our creativity, we think: “Oh, nobody’s gonna like it.” Or, this isn’t gonna be good enough.”

We all have that voice in our head that tells us these rotten things. And it does us no good – no good whatsoever.

So, I think there’s room for a mistake. I think there’s room for error. And the fact is, mistakes are just lessons learned. They are a tool to learn, and it’s the only way we learn, right?

For instance, when you’re learning a new language, the only way you learn is when you make mistakes. When someone corrects you, right? So, the same applies to everything else in life, everything. You know? You don’t learn until you make mistakes. So don’t be afraid.

Don’t Be Afraid to Build a Blog with WordPress

Oh my gosh, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to break the darn thing. After all, especially, if you’re using a platform like WPEngine (that’s backing up nightly), and you’re using the staging environment and then deploying to your “live,” or your production environment, you know, you can always go back.

You’re not stuck, and don’t be afraid to build a blog with WordPress. We all make mistakes, we’re human. And the great thing is that we can we can learn from them and move on.

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