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FREE* 21-Day Guided Meditation Course for Creatives

This 21-day, guided meditation course has been design to help you to let go of the past, expanded your creativity, and set an intention to finding your passion and purpose in life.
* For a limited time, this guided meditation course is being made available for free.
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Day #1 • Chakra: Root

“From Darkness to the Light”

In this Root Chakra healing meditation, you’ll focus on the color red to ground yourself. Then, begin transitioning back from the darkness of the past to your light of the present moment.

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Day #2 • Chakra: Sacral

“Courage in the Truth”

In this Sacral Chakra healing meditation, you’ll focus on the color orange to begin finding courage in the truth with conscious awareness; learning the lessons from the breakup.

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Day #3 • Chakra: Solar Plexus

“The Balance of Forgiveness”

There is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. In this Solar Plexus healing meditation, you’ll focus on the color yellow to manifest the power of forgiveness within you.

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Day #4 • Chakra: Heart

“The Dance of Love”

Healing takes time, be gentle with yourself. In this heart chakra meditation, you’ll focus on the color green. With forgiveness in your heart, start dance again with love from your shadows to the light.

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Day #5 • Chakra: Throat

“Remover of Obstacles”

In this Throat Chakra healing meditation, from your heart, you’ll silently give power to your voice. Surrender and call on the strength of Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, to help let go and begin moving forward again.

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Day #6 • Chakra: 3rd Eye

“Divine Giver of Wisdom”

In this 3rd Eye Chakra healing meditation, you’ll focus on the color indigo and use the mantra in this meditation to call on your divine inner wisdom and creativity to light your way.

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Day #7 • Chakra: Crown

“You Are What You Seek”

In this crown chakra meditation, you’ll focus on the color violet and the meditation mantra, “So Hum.” This mantra realigns you with the light of the Divine creator that dwells within you as you. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

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Day #8 • Chakra: Root

“I Am Inspired and at Home”

Regardless of where you are in the world, your body is indeed your home. So to begin solving the problems in our lives, we must start by looking inside ourselves.

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Day #9 • Chakra: Sacral

“Learning in the School of Life”

In the school of life, opportunities will come and go. And we can always choose whether to jump on them or not, knowing that there is no end to new opportunities.

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Day #10 • Chakra: Solar Plexus

“I Am Fueling My Inner Fire”

The source of fire requires that there are three things: fuel, heat to burn fuel, and air to keep the fire burning. Using yourself as an analogy to fire, imagine your passions, dreams, and desires.

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Day #11 • Chakra: Heart

“I Am Speaking with Love”

Speaking from a place of love, sharing in an authentic way, we establish meaningful relationships and create links with other people that add value, creating sustainable and long-term growth.

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Day #12 • Chakra: Throat

“I Am Speaking My Truth”

Trusting that our ego works in concert with our hearts, we can have confidence that together they can guide us through the creative process – this is known as the “heart-mind connection.”

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Day #13 • Chakra: 3rd Eye

“I Am in My Joy…”

When we feel stress, we are on the wrong frequency. So it’s necessary for us to re-tune our joy so that we can bring awareness to our intuition and subtle perceptions.

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Day #14 • Chakra: Crown

“I Am Living Creative!”

When you’ve ignited the spark of the creativity within you, and raise your vibration, it’s time to take inspired action and commit to the creative process—where effort goes, energy flows!

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Day #15 • Chakra: Root

“I Am Setting My Intentions…”

An intention is something you want or plan to do. Focus is the state or quality of having or producing a clear visual definition.

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Day #16 • Chakra: Sacral

“…Strengthening My Mind…”

Like the rest of your body, your mind’s stamina and power can cause either atrophy from inactivity or strengthen from exercise.

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Day #17 • Chakra: Solar Plexus

“…Going with the Flow.”

The key to creating and attracting what you desire in your life is to focus on what you want. Your intention is the creative power that fulfills your needs.

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Day #18 • Chakra: Heart

“…I Create My Reality.”

We are in an integral part of pure potential, which is the ultimate source of every idea, creative act, and everything we see in the physical universe.

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Day #19 • Chakra: Throat

“Voice of Consciousness.”

Anyone can open up and communicate with their inner voice. Your inner voice whatever you like is the intuitive stream of energy that comes from the pure consciousness of the Universe.

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Day #20 • Chakra: 3rd Eye

“I Give to Others…”

With consistency you can use your third eye chakra to experience states of consciousness in which you enhance your ability to awaken direct perception of the sacred divine to heal yourself.

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Day #21 • Chakra: Chrown

“…the Wisdom of Bliss.”

With your intention set on what you desire, the focus of thought, clarity of mind, and discipline in practice use your divine connection and your unique talents to serve and bring infinite bliss to others.


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