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21-Day Guided Meditation Course for Creatives

Expand Your Creativity

Creativity is the force that runs through everything—a power within each of us.

Creativity is about more than just art, music, or dance. ‘Expand Your Creativity’ is a 21-day guided meditation course designed to help you to let go of the past, overcome limiting beliefs, and set an intention to find your purpose in life.

21-Day Guided Meditation Course for Creatives

How These Meditations Can Expand Your Creativity

Each of us—including you!—is a unique creator with the free-will to choose the life we truly want.

This 21-Day guided meditation course can help you overcome fears, achieve your goals, and foster confidence through higher consciousness awareness.

Letting Go of the Past

Letting go of past relationships that are no longer serving

Believing in Yourself

Overcoming false fears and limiting beliefs about yourself

Realize the Possible

Expanding your creativity into all areas and aspects of your life

Set an Intention

Setting an intention to the goal of realizing your full potential

Joy Frequency

Raise your vibration to discover your own inner personal joy and fulfillment

Purpose in Life

Finding your unique passions and purpose in life

Repeated meditation fosters confidence.

As well, repeated meditation over time has shown to foster self-trust, allowing creativity to flow freely in all areas of life, without judgement of the creative process. With a committed dedication to meditation practice, it is possible to achieve a heightened state of awareness.

Unconsciousness plays an important role in creativity.

If you’re constantly questioning yourself rather than trusting yourself, it can be very challenging to feel freedom and flow of creativity in the moment.

Guided meditation can help you achieve your goals.

Guided meditation for healing is not only a great way to release tension in your body, it can also help remove mental blocks and barriers preventing your creative flow.

What are the Goals of this 21-Day Guided Meditation Course?


Letting Go of the Past

Learn techniques to accept, forgive, and let go of past relationships that no longer serve you.

Balance Thru Forgiveness

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Release Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Doubts, fears, resentments, or limiting beliefs are the resistance that hold us back.

Expand Your Creativity

A spark of Universal source energy, you have the capacity to express your full creative potential.

Set an Intention

Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanism for its fulfillment.

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Focus your intention to expand your creativity to begin finding your purpose in life.

Realize Your Full Potential

Explore your unique gifts to help you realize your full potential, both personally and professionally.

21-Day Guided Meditation Course for Creatives

During these Guided Meditations, You’ll Focus On

Week #1

Letting Go of Past Relationships

Seven chakra healing, guided meditations feature inspirational quotes by Rumi to help you accept, forgive, and let go of past relationships and attachments.

  Overcoming Denial

Accepting the truth when a relationship is no longer working can be tough.

  Embrace Sadness

Allow yourself to feel all the sadness now, and trust things will get easier with time.

  Accept Your Feelings

This is real life, and yes, you have a right to feel angry when a relationships end.

  Acknowledge Insecurities

Be gentle with yourself, this is an insecure time in your life right now.

  Acceptance with Grace

Maybe you’re not ready to look back on the past with a smile, but it is time to let go.

  Hope and Renewal

Through all the unsettling emotions, you’re now at a point when you can begin moving forward.

Week #2

Awaken Your Creativity

Focus on releasing false fears and limiting beliefs preventing personal transformation and finding your purpose in life.

  Inspired and Home

Regardless of where you are in the world, your body is indeed your home.

  Fueling Your Inner Fire

Imagining your passions, dreams, and desires—user yourself as an analogy to fire.

  Learning in the School of Life

In the school of life, opportunities come and go.

  Grateful for Lesson of Others

Speaking from a place of love, we establish meaningful relationships with others.

  Speaking Your Truth

Trusting that our ego works in concert with our hearts, we can have confidence that together they can guide us through the creative process.

  Enjoy the Present Moment

Sometimes it’s necessary to re-tune our joy so we can bring awareness to our intuition.

  I Am Living Creative

When you’ve ignited the sparks of your creativity, and raise your vibration, it’s time to take inspired action and commit to the creative process.

Week #3

Energy of Intention

Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanism for its fulfillment.

  Setting an Intention

When setting an intention, you mindfully activate your receptivity to manifesting that which you intend to attract into your life.

  Focus Your Attention

Set your intention and commit yourself to the idea you already have it. Focus on what you want and give it love.

  Release Tension

Take a deep breath and be patient. Give it time to grow and be open to receiving. Hold yourself in a calm, uplifted, and confident place.

  Express Gratitude

Express gratitude for what you already have.

  Clear Your Resistance

Limiting beliefs are the resistance that hold us back. When you notice resistance, acknowledge it, breathe, and relax.

  Trust the Process

Whenever you have doubt say, “I am getting closer and closer to my goals every day.

  Keep Your Vibration High

To attract what you want, stay positive and thankful to raise your vibration.

An Introduction to Your Chakras

Healing Your Seven Chakra for Creative Living

Root Chakra
Root Chakra

Grounding & Intention

Your root chakra is the energetic source to create a stable foundation. Regardless of where you are in the world, your body is truly your home. It is here we’ll begin the process of healing by setting your intentions with courage and confidence.

Sacral Chakra
Sacral Chakra

Shadows & Obstacles

The sacral chakra represents your emotions, desires, sensuality. It this stage of the process it’s time to face your fears, limiting beliefs, and any other obstacles holding your back from realizing your full potential with freedom of movement and confidence.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra

Will Power & Forgiveness

The solar plexus is your internal fire that fuels your willpower and purpose. Now is the time to forgive, accept and let go of the obstacles from your past. Fueled by your personal power and awareness, reaffirm your to moving forward with clarity of thought.

Heart Chakra
Heart Chakra

Love & Compassion

The heart chakra is your energetic center for love and compassion. Think someone you love, imagine placing them in your heart with loving kindness awaken your gratitude. Your heart is a powerful source for healing your mind, body, and soul.

Throat Chakra
Throat Chakra

Speaking Your Truth

The throat chakra is about your ability to speak with focus and intention. Express yourself with clarity of thought. Trust in the coherence of your heart and mind and confidently give voice to the silent whispers of your heart and presence to your joy with deliberate intention.

3rd Eye Chakra
3rd Eye Chakra

Karma & Self-Sacrifice

The third eye chakra is often called the dwelling place of meditative faculty. Part of this state of consciousness, third eye awakening is being able to discern what is beneficial and helpful to humanity and other beings and what is harmful – to whom, when, and in what specific way

Crown Chakra
Crown Chakra

You’re the Answer You Seek

Your crown chakra is the conduit to Source energy and conscious awareness. The highest frequency of the Universe is pure love. You are beautiful, great, co-creator, full of joy and infinite potential. Rumi once said, “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

New to Meditation?

Frequently Asked Questions

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind with the intention of transforming the way we think.

A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Meditation is not part of any religion; it is a practice anyone can use to encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and create calm. Meditation is a technique for resting the mind with the intention of transforming the way we think.

Having a focused state of mind and peaceful, positive intention, you can leverage the practice of meditation in your life to transform your understanding of yourself and create a new meaning of the experiences in your life.

With regular work and patience, you can begin to understand the patterns and habits of your mind, and then, with daily practice, start to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.

  Where Can I Meditate?

Anywhere you can close your eyes and feel safe without distractions. During this guided meditation, find a place where you can plug in and follow along.

  When is the Best Time to Meditate?

When you look forward to meditating. Morning and evening aligns with our body’s natural quiet rhythms. Studies suggest morning meditation lasts longer.

  What is the Best Body Position?

Being comfortable during meditation is important. While the preferred method is for sitting up straight to cultivate alertness, you can also lie down.

  What if I Get Distracted by Thoughts??

If you find yourself distracted by your thoughts, know that thinking is inevitable and normal. Just be aware of them and focus your awareness on the mantra.

  How Should I Breath During Meditation?

Breathing is a natural rhythm of our body. When we focus on our breath, we are present in the moment. Allow your breath to flow in and out easily.

  How Long Should I Meditate?

The guided meditations during this course are intended to be an introduction to the practice and are approximately 17 to 20 minutes in length.

Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

Meet Your Meditation Guide

Heart-Centered Creator

Who is Jason Holland?

Online Brand Strategy + Design Expert

Hello, I am Jason Holland, a heart-centered creator. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to share my insights, story, and life purpose with you. This course has been an ongoing evolution, brewing within me for quite some time. I have worked passionately over the years to bring it out into the world. The fact that you’re reading this is proof that life is indeed magical when we commit to living in alignment with creativity and purposeful intention!

After having gone through a series of transformative experience and personal shifts that begin in 2014, I have felt an unshakable inner “push” to publicly share the insights, tools, and wisdom that have positively transformed my life in unimaginable ways.

Since the beginning of my spiritual awakening back in 2015, I am continuously learning to accept, forgive, heal, and let go of the past. Self-critical to a fault, the hard work of healing and transformation has just begun.

Coming into my own, I am still learning to love and respect myself and my body —and continuously striving to awaken my higher consciousness and mindful, heart-centered healing. My personal life experiences brought me to this moment. There are no coincidences, I have few regrets, and I am grateful for the gifts of this life.

Sharing from my journey of spiritual growth, transformation, and personal life experiences, I have developed this course to help people—just like you—expand their creativity, unlock their full potential, and find their purpose in life through higher conscious awareness.

Creative Living via Higher Consciousness Awareness

My unique heart-center approach, and the goal of this course, is to help you realize your full creative potential through higher consciousness awareness.

Meditator Testimonials

What Others Have Said About Their Experience

❝ Jason is a great, experienced and positive person who always fully listens to you. He’s capable of providing an insight from various angles and leave the final decision on you. He taught me a lot and helped me to move on my journey. I recommend following his guided meditations and attend one of his events if you can. Thank you and keep doing your amazing and meaningful work! ❞
George "Jiri" V.

Playa del Carmen, México

❝ I highly recommend Jason’s meditations. They provided a great range of tools to help manage stress, keep calm and enjoy life more! I’m looking forward to the next ones. ❞
Niara P.

Playa del Carmen, México

❝ Jason has been a great and understanding person. This is someone who deeply listen to others. He has no judgments towards you. You feel immediately safe when you speak with him.

He will help you to change your perceptions, to feed your soul, and your body of love. His experience is precious and you can learn a lot from him.

After working with Jason, I understood that everyone has their own perspective. And, I cannot hold someone else responsible of what is happening inside of me. I need to deal with myself. Thank you, Jason. ❞

Jérôme V.

Paris, France

21-Day Guided Meditation Course for Creatives

Meditate to Expand Your Creative from Within

Meditate and begin letting go of the past, overcome false fears and limiting beliefs, and set an intention to realize your full creative potential.


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