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Awakening the Heart-Brain Union

Date Posted: 05/13/2019
Through a heart-brain union we create our reality from our heart. Read this post to learn more about the scientific benefits of creating heart-brain union.

Our brain receives many of its instructions from the heart. We are the ones that create these instructions via our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Our heart can think and feel on its own. In essence, we are creating our reality from our heart.

Most of the conversation is coming from our heart to our mind. A lesser conversation is happening in reverse from the brain, down through the spine to our heart. Together, both organs work together via the shared neural network in our body.

This connection between the two is what creates our powerful sense of profound intuition. It is our heart that has direct knowing when something is right for us, or if it is not. We have to be careful to know whether or not we hear information from our heart. Or, if what we are hearing is information from our subconscious or fears.

For example, if we are powerful enough to have a vivid and lucid dream, and we remember every detail of the dream, then we are powerful enough to ask our body, intuition, and heart what the dream means for you? You only have to ask your heart.

Again, it is not our natural state to be focus on our thought stream, our own story, or achievements. Instead, our natural state is to be open, expand, and aware of life unfolding moment to moment. Open to the whole of our experience and sense the sacredness of everything around us.

When we are in the stillness of our natural state, we’re more relaxed, at ease, and in the flow of everyday life and tasks. By creating a heart-brain union, instead of letting the impressions of the past—painful, unresolved experiences take over, we can use awareness cultivation techniques to create a coherent state of stillness throughout our day.

Gamma Brain Wave State

After testing the primitive practices of Tibetan Monks, scientists made an exciting discovery through sophisticated research and modern equipment. The scientists’ goal was to understand a brain-state that could previously not be measured.

Until then, there were only the brainwave states we already knew of:

  • Delta: long and slow during deep sleep and not dreaming.
  • Theta: Drowsy and drifting down into sleep and during dreaming.
  • Alpha: Very relaxed state, usually during meditation.
  • Beta: In daily life, engaged in activities and conversations.

Called the Gamma brainwave state, the new state scientists discovered is above the Beta. The Gamma brainwave state is what the Tibetan monks achieve, intentionally and on demand, to accomplish feats of healing, awareness, and deep intuition.

In the Gamma state, the monks can regulate their body functions, body temperature, their immune responses, and anti-aging hormones–all on demand. It’s in the Gamma state where they find their power, realizing their full potential.

Through heart-mind harmony, we can also achieve the Gamma brainwave state, intentionally. This state opens the door to deep intuition, increased focus, and fast processing of storage and retrieval of information.

When we process information only from the brain, the answer is usually slower. The brain has to go through loops of logic, fears, issues from the past, self-doubt, and self-esteem. The heart, on the other hand, doesn’t do that. It retrieves the answer instantly.

Awakening the Heart-Mind UnionThe Heart-Brain Union Technique

In the Gamma brainwave state, the information from your heart is crystal clear. And, there are clear indications when your heart is speaking to you. The heart will usually articulate clearly and concisely in a phrase or a single sentence. Rarely will your heart begin to tell you a story or preamble to justify the answer. If you hear a story, it’s probably your mind, logic, or ego that needs to justify the answer.

Every day the heart and the brain are having a conversation. Most of the communication is from the heart to the mind. And the quality of the conversation from the heart tells the brain what chemicals to release into the body.

When we are feeling emotions such as anger, jealousy, or rage, the signal from the heart to the brain is very chaotic. That rough signal tells the brain to release high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones to respond to something quickly in life, like fight or flight.

When we shift our heart-based experience to things like kindness, gratitude, love, and compassion for anyone, or anything, the signal to the brain shifts and becomes more even, rhythmic, and coherent, then, our brain sends out very different chemistry to our body. The mind can only do one or the other.

In a state of heart-mind coherence, the brain sends healing chemistry that increases immune response, releases anti-aging hormones, awakens our senses, and engages on the Gamma brain wave state. Furthermore, the conversation between the heart and the brain can be measured.

Heart-mind harmony isn’t just esoteric essence of prana or aura. This conversation is a shallow frequency of 0.1 Hertz—at the threshold between hearing and feeling.

0.1 Hertz is the optimal signal to harmonize your heart and brain. If you create coherence between the heart and the mind, you create a feeling of 0.1 Hertz. The technique comes from the Institute of HeartMath and can be used at any time, and any place. Use it when you wake up in the morning, before meditation or Yoga, before bed at night, or any other time throughout your day.

Three Easy Steps to Create the Heart-Brain Union

  • Create awareness of the heart
  • Control your breath
  • Create 0.1 Hertz Frequency through Gratitude

Step 1: Awareness of the Heart

Shift your awareness from your mind to your heart. It helps if you can gently, physically, touch your heart center in a way that is comfortable for you. You can use a mudra if you like, but it is not necessary. The key is that the gentle touch will always bring awareness to the physical sensation in your heart center.

Step 2: Control Your Breath

Slow your breathing—slower than usual. Usually with a five-second pause after the inhale, and another five seconds after the exhale. Incidentally, the only time you would breathe this way is when you feel safe, and you are not vigilant of your surroundings.

Step 3: Create 0.1 Hertz Frequency through Gratitude

With awareness in your heart and slowed breath, creating heart-mind coherence and the 0.1 Hertz frequency is to feel the feelings of appreciation, gratitude, caring, or compassion for anyone or anything.

If you can feel one or a combination of feelings, while breathing as if your breath is coming from your heart, touching your heart center, you set up the communication for coherence between your heart and your brain—the 0.1 Hertz frequency. The more you do this technique, the stronger the connection becomes in your life.

Use three minutes of doing this will set into motion a cascade of events within your body. Biochemical events that last as long as six hours. The heart-mind harmony technique, as simple as it seems, is the key to our power that in the past seemed mystical and esoteric.


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The 7-Day #LiveCreative Meditation Experience: The Energy of Intention

Ready to Set an Intention to Create?

Discover how to send your intentions to the field of possibilities—putting the organizing power of the universe to work for you.


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