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I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to share my insights, story, and life purpose with you. This website and project have been an ongoing evolution, brewing within me for some time. I have passionately worked over the years to bring it out to the world. The fact that you’re reading this is proof that life truly is magical when you commit to living in alignment with creativity and purpose.

After having gone through a series of transformative experience and personal shifts that begin in 2014, I have felt an unshakable inner “push” to publicly share the insights, tools, and wisdom that have positively transformed my life in unimaginable ways.

With 20 years of full-stack, professional web design and digital brand strategy experience, I am now fully committed to stepping into the role of Heart-Centered Creative Director.

Jason Holland

Heart-Centered Creative Director

I pride myself in building lasting relationships with each of my clients. I thrive when the work I do has a purpose, creating a positive impact in the world. Through a unique, heart-centered, approach to the creative process, I enable my clients to get out of their way and untangle the obstacles preventing them from igniting their inner creative fire, finding their passion, and stepping into their purpose.

My goal is to empower each of my clients, directing them through the entire lifecycle of their project to create an authentic, sustainable, and profitable online business. I do this by supporting, educating, and inspiring them to confidently commit to working through the entire process – from brand strategy, professional website design, and web development, to product launch, social media engagement, and email marketing.

With a professional web presence, my clients can authentically engage their target audience, establish sustainable relationships with their customers, grow their email list, successfully launch their products or services, and of course, generate revenue.

A 20-Year Professional Web Design Career

For the last 20 years, I have had many incredible opportunities as a professional designer, working as freelancer, in-house, and for agencies. But, the vast majority of my career has been as a solo entrepreneur. I have worn many hats, including:

  • Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  • Lead Generation, Sales, and Marketing Manger
  • Collaborative Project Manager
  • User Experience Designer
  • Visual User Interface Designer
  • WordPress Web Developer (HTML5/CSS3/PHP/MySQL/Jquery)
  • Responsive (Mobile-Ready) Web Developer
  • Digital Brand Strategist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Print, Corporate Identity, and Product Packaging Designer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Email List Marketing Specialist
  • Online Launch Strategist
  • and more…

Having worked professionally for myself and other companies, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing clients. My past client roster includes:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • NBA.com
  • Nintendo
  • Sears Canada
  • Weight Watchers
  • Starbucks
  • Phunware
  • Zino
  • and more…

Where I am at my best though is in the role of helping other artists, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses. With a solid design portfolio, I am extremely proud of my work and the success my clients have achieved over the years.

The Lesson Learned from Not Trusting My Intuition

In the winter of 2014, I was struggling with my business – intimidated by making sales on my own. I caved in and decided it was time to get a full-time agency job. From the very beginning, I knew I was making a terrible mistake.

My confidence was shaken and not trusting my instinct; I continued the interview process. Offered the position with a salary well below my value, against my better judgment I accepted the agencies first offer. Settling for a full-time position, working for someone else, I just wanted the security of a steady paycheck. I was going in for all the wrong reasons: falling behind on bills, I was getting deeper in debt, and it was stressing me out.

In the chaos of agency life and bogged down by my insecurities, I was neither showcasing my best work nor living up to my full potential. Sidetracking myself with random side projects outside of my job description, I found myself working long hours (often 10+ a day) just to get caught up.

Toxic as agency life was for me, the truth is, I had nobody to blame but myself. I made the mistake of taking the job in the first place. After six months, the breaking point came one night when I found myself working in the office two 10-hour days. Single, and no one at home to take care of my dog Mila, I was feeling horrible about not being able to take care of her. She was suffering for my mistakes, and I was making everyone around me miserable in the process.

Feeling resentful, regretful, and more insecure, I was in hot water and needed to take responsibility for my decision before things got any worse. I needed to make a decision, and make it fast! So, I quit.

Leaving that job was neither one of my finest nor proudest moments. But, in the end, I knew I had to do what I needed to take care of myself (and Mila). Quitting, with no explanation, had become something of a “modus operandi” for me. If something isn’t working, I just gave up. On the one hand, it’s not a good thing: quitting something before it’s had a chance to succeed is self-sabotaging.

On the other, when the writing is on the wall, sometimes the best thing to do is not wait, but instead, walk away, let it go, and move on. When you know something isn’t working, there may be no point dragging it out.

My Spiritual Awakening, an Unexpected Journey

In part because of that job, I suddenly found myself lost in San Diego and wondering what to do next. At the time, I had been talking on the phone with my friend Mark in Palm Springs. A massage therapist, energy healer, and success coach, Mark had always been something of a mentor for me and someone I looked up to for his wisdom and guidance. When I quit that job, he invited me out to Palm Springs for a weekend.

I immediately fell in love with the scenery and the vibe of the city. During that visit, he introduced me to the 21-Day Meditation Challenge by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. By Sunday, I quickly discovered the benefits of meditation and so began my spiritual path to conscious awakening.

During that weekend visit, Mark also invited me to stay for the summer. So excited by the opportunity, by the time I got back to San Diego, I immediately started selling off all of my possessions and packing up for the move to Palm Springs. By July 12th, with what remaining belongings I still owned, I packed up in a U-Haul truck, and Mila and I were on our way to the desert.

During that summer, I discovered just how far I had fallen behind in other areas of my career – specifically, social media engagement, content marketing, and email list-building marketing. Suddenly, I understood why I was struggling with the sales and marketing.

Getting caught to speed on social media, content, and email marketing, I tried all kinds of things just to see what would or would not work. After much trial and error I learned that unless I had an advertising budget (money) or a large email list, even my great ideas were doomed to fail. I also learned that if you don’t have the resource of money, then I need the resource of time. And, both were running out very quickly.

Ironically, while learning new marketing skills, I found myself heading down the rabbit hole of my conscious awakening. Align myself with the spiritual values of love, compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, and forgiveness; I was also getting caught up in “conspiracy theories” about the “corruption, lies, and the illusions of the crumbling and current capitalistic society.” Unfocused and distracted, I ran out of both time and money, and I found myself struggling to survive.

In the year and a half that I lived in Palm Springs, and through my spiritual awakening, there were many times when I felt like giving up. My confidence was still on the rocks, and struggling to find the identity of any higher purpose for myself, I suddenly found myself in my “dark night of the soul.”

Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained, I regularly felt like throwing in the towel and giving up. Though, I never did. I knew I wanted to do something great, give back to the world, and make a positive contribution to the world. Now coming out on the other side of that experience, I’ve learned that as long as I have faith in myself and commit to moving forward, the path will show up.

I have since learned that when coming from a place of love, gratitude, and compassion if I am persistent and stick with it, I can manifest anything I set my heart and mind to. The outcome may not exactly look as I had originally envisioned, but that’s part of the fun in the journey.

On this new path I’ve chosen, I have come full circle. I am now at a place where I realize I want to impart the wisdom, expertise, and talents from the 20 years of my career as a Freelance Web Designer. Stepping into my full potential, I want to share my gift and giving back to the world as an Interactive Creative Director. The darkest nights behind me, I’ve regained much of the confidence and am ready to step into my divine purpose.

Ironically, as I started organizing all my notes and ideas for this project, I discovered I’d been subconsciously and unknowingly documenting this process for well over the last three years. More than just an artist or designer, I am an educator with a desire to support, educate, and help other people get through the creative process and realize their purpose and full potential.

Educate and Inspire From Your Creativity Within™

During a guided visualization meditation one night while I was still living in Palm Springs, a phrase popped into my head: “Educate and inspire from your creativity within.” (Yes, I know it’s grammatically incorrect, but when ascended masters and arch angels tell you your life purpose, you just have to listen and go with it.)

A mantra to live by. With more focus and fine-tuned clarity, I am committed to stepping fully as an educator, an active listener, and creative problem solver. As Heart-Centered Creative Director, my goal is to help others:

  • Mindfully master technology
  • Overcome their fears and to limit beliefs
  • Find their passion and fuel their inner creative fire
  • Discover their tribe and find their voice
  • Create value and a beautiful brand experience
  • Build a sustainable online presence
  • Establishing meaningful relationships with their target audience.

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A Mindful Journey to Location Independence

At the end of 2016, I made a conscious choice to live the life of a digital nomad. “Location independence” basically means I have the ability to do my job anywhere I can connect to the Internet. Along with my travel buddy, my golden retriever Mila, I am on a mindful journey to nomadic living, explore the world, and sharing our experiences.

Currently, we are in California and exploring the southwestern United States. Since December 2016, we’ve explored a good portion of southern California, including Orcutt/Santa Maria (Central Coast), Bakersfield, Palm Springs, San Diego, Beverly Hills & West Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and San Francisco.

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Meet Jason (and Mila!)

Jason Holland

I am a Heart-Centered Creative Director who helps people create a beautiful online experience. #LiveCreative
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