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Inspiring Creative Growth via Heart-Centered Mindfulness, Meditation, and Creative Artistry

Jason Holland

Who is Jason Holland?

Hello, I am Jason, a heart-centered creator who helps people—just like you—expand their conscious awarness through heart-centered mindfulness, meditation, and creative artistry.

#LiveCreative: Living and Working with Passion and Purpose

My uniquely heart-centered approach helps business owners, and entrepreneurs accelerate growth, both professionally and personally. When we work together, “heart-centered” means you’ll achieve your unique objectives, that will happen via:

  • Awakening your creativity from within,
  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs about yourself, technology, and your businesses,
  • Finding your unique voice,
  • Discovering your unique gifts, and
  • Realizing your full potential, both personally and professionally.
The #LiveCreative Philosophy

We Are All Creators

Creativity is the force that runs through everything, a power within each of us. Through the universal oneness of all things—collectively—we all come from the same source energy. Still, we are creative beings capable of expressing our own perspective of the world around us. Each of us has our own unique gift to share.

 Speak Your Truth

It’s your birthright! While it may be difficult at first, when we give voice to our shadows and bring them to the light, we decrease their negative hold on us and increase the power of positivity.

Courage and Authenticity

Be fearless. Be true to your most authentic self, strive for your highest purpose. Always encourage others to share their truth and realize their full potential.

Joy and Abundance

Embrace your joy and happiness. As the beautiful, creative beings we are; we are more alike than we are different. Share your joy from your unique viewpoint.

Jason Holland Creative Studio

About this Project and Website

The original intention for this project was to create a single outlet to share the breadth of my work from the entirety of my professional and artistic career.

But, as this project has evolved, it has become much more.

By showcasing my own artwork, photography, and writing, to The #LiveCreative Blog, videos, and meditations, this website and project has become a creative expression to hopefully inspire others—just like you—to awaken their creativity, find their purpose in life, and realize their full potential.

Inspiration to Awaken Your Creativity

Here are a few curated areas designed to do just that:

About the #LiveCreative Icon

The #LiveCreative Icon for Jason Holland Creative Studios combines several design elements to communicate a single idea.

In the center is a heart, enclosed by a circle to create an “@” symbol to represent technology. That, in turn, is surrounded by seven equally spaced “sun rays.”

The original design was born in my artwork when I started painting with pastels on canvas twelve or thirteen years ago. In the beginning, the sun had more rays, anywhere between eight and 14. Back then, it was initially intended to be a symbolic representation of the sun.

While I hadn’t thought much about it at the time; the sun represents energy and nutrients, providing life to everything on Earth. As the design evolved, I wanted to communicate that idea in the design.

After going through a personal transformation and spiritual awakening in 2015, I began understanding the significance of synchronicities and learning about sacred geometry.

The more I began to study sacred geometry, I discovered the number seven plays a significant role in nature and esoteric beliefs of ancient wisdom traditions. Ancient civilizations understood much about sacred geometry, numbers, and sequences, as they pertained to life and the cosmos.

The #LiveCreative Icon for Jason Holland Creative Studio (formerly The #LiveCreative Project) has come to symbolize my belief that each of us is a powerful creator—full of unbound potential to evolve in all areas of our lives and realize our full creative potential.

Jason Holland Creative Studio

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How Did I Get Here?

Awakening Creativity through Higher Consciousness

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to share my insights, story, and life purpose with you. This website and project have been an ongoing evolution, brewing within me for quite some time. I have worked passionately over the years to bring it out into the world. The fact that you’re reading this is proof that life is indeed magical when we commit to living in alignment with creativity and purposeful intention!

After having gone through a series of transformative experience and personal shifts that begin in 2014, I have felt an unshakable inner “push” to publicly share the insights, tools, and wisdom that have positively transformed my life in unimaginable ways.

Since the beginning of my spiritual awakening back in 2015, I am continuously learning to accept, forgive, heal, and let go of the past. Self-critical to a fault, the hard work of healing and transformation has just begun.

Coming into my own, I am still to learning to love and respect myself and my body —and continuously striving to awaken my higher consciousness and mindful, heart-centered healing. My personal life experiences brought me to this moment. There are no coincidences, I have few regrets, and I am grateful for the gifts of this life.

It takes courage, commitment, and determination to overcome false fears and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. It can be challenging letting go of the outdated beliefs we’ve held on to. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, though, I am here to tell you: each of us can choose to heal the past, live in the moment, and achieve our full creative potential with joy and abundance.

Sharing from my journey of spiritual growth, transformation, and personal life experiences, I designed The #LiveCreative Blog, meditations, and more, to help people—just like you—awaken their creativity, unlock their full potential, and find their purpose in life through higher conscious awakening.


Jason Holland
Heart-Centered Creator

Jason Holland (and Mila)
Jason Holland
Jason Holland

Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis

Jason Holland
Jason Holland Creative Studio

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