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Jason Holland, Creative Director

Playa del Carmen, México

With 20+ years of digital branding and professional web design experience, I am a Creative Director that helps people – like yourself – build beautiful and sustainable online experiences.

I pride myself in building lasting relationships with each of my clients. I thrive when the work I do has a purpose, creating a positive impact in the world. Through a unique, heart-centered, approach to the creative process, I enable my clients to get out of their way and untangle the obstacles preventing them from igniting their inner creative fire, finding their passion, and stepping into their purpose.

My goal is to empower each of my clients, directing them through the entire lifecycle of their project to create an authentic, sustainable, and profitable online business. I do this by supporting, educating, and inspiring them to confidently commit to working through the entire process – from brand strategy, professional website design, and web development, to product launch, social media engagement, and email marketing.

With a professional web presence, my clients can authentically engage their target audience, establish sustainable relationships with their customers, grow their email list, successfully launch their products or services, and of course, generate revenue.

At the end of 2016, I made a conscious choice to live a digital nomadic life – traveling around California, USA, and México with my golden retriever, Mila. From that experience, I learned that “location independence” basically meant having the ability to do my job anywhere and find unique and creative solutions for living a mindful journey and sharing from my experience.

Today, I live full-time in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México with my partner, Aleko, and Mila.

Jason Holland

Jason Holland
Jason Holland
Creative Director
I am a heart-centered, Creative Director who helps people build beautiful online experiences. #LiveCreative Current Location: Playa del Carmen, México Contact Jason: If you are interested in working with me, please contact me. You can also connect with me on social media.

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