Pictures of México

Pictures of Mexico are photos shot on iPhone by Jason Holland while living in Playa del Carmen as a location independent digital expat.

6 Tips for How for Downsizing to a Nomadic Life

Date Posted: 12/27/2016
Nomadic living is all about living on the road and never getting attached to one place. Here are 6 tips for downsizing to a nomadic life.

When I made the decision to leave Palm Springs, the first big decision I had to make was on downsizing to a nomadic life. In order to do so, I had to decide what to get rid of and what would be the essentials I could carry in a backpack. In addition, I’ve got my dog Mila with me, so I’ve also got to plan ahead for both her and myself. I’ve quickly discovered the task of downsizing can be quite challenging.

A nomadic life is all about being on the road and going, living from place to place, and never getting attached to one place. Which means, you’ve got everything in your backpack – on you – and that’s all! Below are 6 tips for downsizing to a nomadic life:

1) Take a Leap of Faith

Like anything in life, taking a leap of faith is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes, you just have trust afterward whether or not the leap was a good thing in the first place. Whether you call it God or the Universe, you just have to trust something higher than yourself is looking out for you and that everything will be okay.

2) Deciding What To Keep

Regardless if you’re downsizing from a large house to a small house or from your entire life down to the essentials for carrying in your backpack, you have to decide what to keep and what get rid of. When it comes to transitioning to a nomadic life, that pretty much means everything.

You really have to boil it down to the essentials of what can you carry in that backpack and what do you need to survive – it’s not much stuff. Living a nomadic life, you have to decide to get rid of even more than you might have thought.

3) Learning To Let It Go

Letting go is probably the hardest part. I discovered that it wasn’t the actual stuff, or physical possessions, but rather the emotional attachment I had to the stuff I had a hard time letting go of. Case in point, the first thing I had to decide to get rid of was my grandmother’s dishes, a family heirloom. When I initially posted in the Craigslist groups on Facebook in Palm Springs, they weren’t selling. But, I’ve found that when I let go of my emotional attachment to the “stuff,” the experience has been freeing and quite liberating.

4) Name Your Price (And Drop It!)

Name your price when letting go is challenging because you think things are worth more than they actually are. Often, when you’ll set your stuff, your price is much higher than what it’s actually valued at because of your emotional attachments. But, when you set the price and things aren’t selling, you have decided to let go of what you think they are worth. Then, cut the price in half. Doing so will make the price more attractive to buyers.

Ultimately, what I ended up selling my grandmother’s dishes for was far less than what I thought they were worth. But, once I sold them – letting the first things I had the most emotional attachment – I found that it wasn’t the stuff I was actually attached to. It was my emotions I had attached to that stuff that mattered. Fortunately, once I finally sold the dishes, I found getting rid of everything else was actually quite. I didn’t have a choice, it all had to go!

5) Learn From The Pros

Two pros I’ve been watching that have been doing this for a while and that do this well are Ask Nadine and Expert Vagabond. Both have a great website and YouTube channels. Because these prose have been through all this stuff and have already figured out many of these life lessons for nomadic living.

In my transition, from a house full of stuff to downsizing for a nomadic life, these life lessons have really tested me. Fortunately, the pros have already learned these lessons, making getting around just a little easier by taking their advice.

6) Take Only The Essentials

When transitioning to a nomadic life, you’ll quickly discover what is only essential to carry around in your backpack. In my case, that includes clothes for multiple occasions, bathroom utilities, a few essentials for my dog Mila, and my digital tools for my work (web design work, blogging, photography, and broadcasting).

Downsizing to a Nomadic Life

Downsizing to a nomadic life is a transition that starts by getting rid of a house full of stuff to reducing down to only the essentials you’ll carry in a backpack. From taking a leap of faith to deciding what to keep, learning to let go the emotional attachment to stuff is critical. Finally, by learning from the pros, you’ll discover lessons already learned; like, how to better plan ahead, and when other people are involved, getting better at communicating clearly.

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Pictures of México

Pictures of Mexico are photos shot on iPhone by Jason Holland while living in Playa del Carmen as a location independent digital expat.


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