When It’s Time To Take Inspired Action

by | Apr 7, 2017

When you’ve found your inspiration and the creative fuel that fires you through life, it’s time to cross the threshold of just having an idea, move through your fears and limiting beliefs, and take inspired action!

If you’ve been following my posts the last couple of weeks, you know I’ve been talking about creativity and inspiration:

Whatever your creative outlet is and you decide to move forward through your fears and limiting beliefs, you know in your heart that you can, and are capable of, accomplishing anything you set your mind to – “where focus goes energy flows.”

Maybe you don’t think it all the way through, but you’ve got a great idea and you decide you just want to go with it. Yes, it’s impulsive, but it’s not self-deprecating. It’s a drive to move forward on your inspiration and go with the flow. When you decide to run with it, that’s inspired action.

When you take your creativity, the fuel of fire that is your inspiration, take inspired action, and move forward on it, you begin to let go of those limiting beliefs, let go of those fears, and begin going with the flow. There is nothing in life that is going to hold you back, except your beliefs, doubts, and insecurities you have about yourself.

Jason’s Junket, My Inspired Action Toward Creative Living

As I’m working on this vlog, Jason’s Junket, and figuring out my journey, a lot of my ideas about what I want to teach have been surfacing over the last few years. I’ve tested them out, over and over again. And they’ve tested me, over and over again.

I’ve stopped and started, over and over again. Recently, I finally got to a place where I realized that if I don’t do this now, take action, and move forward, at some point in the future, I’m going to regret it – “shoulda, woulda, coulda.”

Take Inspired Action When The Old Ways No Longer Serve Us

We’re living in the post-information age. Before that, the industrial age, and before that, the agricultural age. We are now in a time where the old ways of doing things in the past don’t work anymore.

With all the craziness going on in the world, from our presidency, the political climate, and their polarization, it’s just creating more and more divisiveness. And, we’re only coming up against more fear, isolation, and polarization from each other.

When we look inward and focus on our creative fuel – that fire within – that tells us that we are not a small person (an individual isolated on an island), rather we are, in fact, part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Maybe you’re somebody like me, and taking action means doing this broadcast. Or, perhaps you’re an activist who wants to go out and change the world. Or, maybe, you’re someone who wants to go into politics. Regardless, whatever your inspiration is to move forward in the world, do something, make a difference, and find your creative spark to take inspired action.

We all know something big is coming, we can feel it. We can either choose to sit around wait for it to happen – taking a passive role – or, we can decide to do something about it.

Inspired Action and The Energy of Oneness

Inevitably, it’s going to become a passion that requires work, but it won’t feel like work. But when you commit, in the end, you’ll be giving back to society, the world, and the energy that is all of us. In essence, the oneness of our collective being.

Not just as human beings, everything on the planet, in the universe – we are all energy. So why not take that energy and spin it into something positive instead of passively letting things happen. Wake up and do something it. That kind of energetic spark is inspired action. So, take your creativity, your fuel that fire that drives you, and change the world, beginning with yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you feel inspired to take inspired action on something – whatever your creativity is or something you want to see in the world that you want to change – I hope you’ll find the hope and belief in yourself to take inspired action. Make it happen, and accomplish anything your heart desires.

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