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3 Mindful Clues to Finding Your Passion

by | Mar 22, 2017

What is your purpose here on Earth? What is your passion? Where should you start to look? Here are three clues to consider when “Finding Your Passion.”

Today, I would talk about the subject of “finding your passion.” Sounds big and intense, right? “What is my passion?” “What do I want to do?” Like you are supposed to have it all figured out.

I believe each of us is here for an important reason, but it can be a little daunting. So I thought I would share three clues to consider when finding your passion (or purpose in life). And, I think the third one is going to come as a bit of a surprise.

For the last 20 years, I have pretty much always been a web designer. There have been times when I took a break, but for the most part, this has always been a career I have loved.

When I left San Diego two years ago, though, I thought that was it. I was over it. I was burned out. With the job I had had at the time, I was an active participant in it. The job was a nightmare and I did not do much to make the situation any better. It was a lot of chaos and I was completely in the wrong place.

At the time, I was there because I had convinced myself that doing the 9 to 5 grind again was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, it was me not listening to my heart or my mind (my consciousness). Frustrated, I knew I was heading in the wrong direction, and I was making everyone around me miserable in the process.

I wanted to reflect on that incident before I get into these three clues to find your passion, to tell you something I have since learned. And that is: you have to be completely honest with yourself.

That job behind me, I then moved to Palm Springs for a year and a half, where I began meditation. The experience taught me that a lot comes from the first clue to finding your passion; which is, listening to your heart.

1) When Finding Your Passion, Start By Listening to Your Heart

There is more to it than just listening to your heart; it is about gladdening your heart as well. We all know our hearts tell us who we love and what is important to us. Our heart also speaks volumes around the things that bring us joy, and it shows us what we are grateful for.

Gratitude, specifically, extends outside ourselves. It extends to our families, our community, our country, and the world. Taking what is within and putting it out to the world. That’s what the heart does.

2) Your Ego, Or Mind, Is Protecting You

With the heart-mind connection, when they work together, the mind (or the ego) serves an important purpose.

Your mind is your intellect, and your ego is your protector. It wants to protect you from the things you are afraid of or that scare you.

And so, if you are not ready for something, you will find a million different reasons why you are not going to do x, y, and z. Call it perfectionism, procrastination, or  call it fear; whatever. All of us has things we want to do, but sometimes, we can come up with some excuse as to why we do not “feel” like we want to do them.

Your mind, or your ego, is great at doing this because it wants to protect you. Your mind, ironically – going a mile-a-minute – when connected to your heart (which tells you what you love), works together in synchronicity. And when you make the heart-mind connection, what comes out is our next clue.

3) What Are You Talking About All The Time?! Your Voice.

What is your favorite thing to talk about all the time? What is it you are sharing all the time that makes you a “chatty-Kathy” with your friends and family? (And, maybe sometimes, driving them crazy in the process.)

So your heart tells you what your love and your mind is protecting you, but what are you mindfully (or sometimes, not so mindfully) present with in your sharing? What do you enjoy talking about all the time?

And, that right there, is your big clue. That thing you are always talking about is likely your passion; what brings your joy and happiness. Or, at least, it’s a clue in the right direction. So, pay attention to what you are saying, you’re giving voice to what you love.

A Final Thought On Creativity And Finding Your Passion

Your passion does not necessarily have to be a career. Also, your passion does not necessarily even have to be “creative” (at least in the traditional sense of painting, drawing, music, or writing). The arts, of course, are an essential part of the aesthetics and beauty in the world. Art moves us forward as a culture and society collectively.

We need creativity, and it does indeed come from within all of us. Every one us has an ability to be creative. When you are finding your passion, I believe all of us has a gift, a purpose, or a reason for being on this planet. Finding our passion is how each of us can give back and make a difference in the world. Taking into account the heart-mind connection and what we give voice to, we can find clues that indicate our passion.

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