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Walking through Your Limiting Beliefs

by | Dec 9, 2016

Are Your Limiting Beliefs, Fears, Holding You Back?

I’m going to begin by assuming you’re already on something of an enlightening path, you’re own awakening. And, you’ve probably come to a place where your limiting beliefs, or fears, are still coming up – does any care about what you think, what you feel, or what you want to share with the world even matters? Or, a belief that you’re not good enough? Maybe you’re getting hung up on the past or projecting into the future, when of course you know you should be present in the moment, in the now.

Regardless, you’re still up against these limiting beliefs. I, or anyone, can tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are, your voice matters, your message will change the world, and that your way of giving back to the universe is beautiful. You are absolutely important and you can make a positive contribution. All that IS true. But, YOU have to believe it in yourself.

We are the Only Ones Holding Ourselves Back

I know this because I’ve been through the same process this last year. And, I’m still learning this. During my own journey, I’ve come up against many of my own limiting beliefs, time and time again. And, I’ve kind of had to reinvent myself every time I had to work through my fears, learning to let go. I’m not completely there, but, I’ve come to a place where I know, with some confidence now, that my voice does matter and I can make a difference. Knowing that by doing what I can do with my gift, my purpose, I can make a positive impact in the world.

You’re here, maybe because this resonates with you. And since you are here, I’d like to tell you that those fears, those limiting beliefs, are the only thing holding YOU back. Just like mine are the only one holding me back, your limiting are holding you back. Sometimes we don’t want to deal with our fears because we’re worried we might go down the rabbit hole, feel bad about ourselves, or worries we’ll have to face something that doesn’t feel good. But, that’s okay – it’s actually quite beautiful!

So, address those feelings and step into them, let them exist. Let your fears, your shadows, your darkness, resonate with your light – yin and yang. They are as much a part of you as your joy and happiness. Because, if you don’t address them – stifling them or stuffing them down – you’re never are going deal with them. But when you do, you’ll be ready to take the next step.

“Where Effort Goes, Energy Flows”

And when you do take the next step, you’ll be ready to find your voice, create beautiful experiences, build a solid presence, and connect to authentic relationships – wherever you are in your creative process (n your life, at home, or at work). Creativity is more than art, design, or music – it is life. Creativity applies to all areas of life.

Finally, when you are ready and you get to that place, you may come up against your limiting beliefs again. Except then, you’ll be prepared to address them and say, “oh, there you are. I see you…” and, then let them go. Ride with the fears, if you have to, they’re just pointing you in the right direction. Take the first step, which IS the first step and follow your inspired action.

How do you handle your own limiting beliefs? Please share your thoughts, story, and personal experience in the comments below. Thank you, Jason.

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