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A flexible and affordable partnership with an experienced digital brand strategist and pro web designer that helps grow your business and gives you the freedom to pursue all your passions. Book a FREE Consultation

Pro Web Design Monthly Subscriptions

No Contracts. No Commitments. No BS. Starting at $299/Mo.

Digital Brand Strategy & Pro Web Design, But Better

Created for solopreneurs and small businesses, my monthly subscription service gives you affordable access to a dedicated and responsive professional. In addition to my personal concierge service, you’ll get highly-secure, blazing-fast, and enterprise-class WordPress website hosting. All monthly plans include these great features:

Full-Stack Support

From digital brand strategy and visual design to code-free building and post-launch marketing support – like having a reliable pro in your back pocket, every step of the way.


No Cost Small Tasks

A small task is any design (or content task) related to your website that I can completed within 30 minutes. Just submit your design or content task via email.

Video Training Manual

Your WordPress website will include a video training manual covering the most common content, SEO, and media management tasks. Plus basic “how to” Divi Builder videos.

No Code Required!

Your WordPress-powered website will include the Divi Drag-and-Drop Builder Theme. This means you’ll never need to write any code to maintain your site.

No Contracts

Manage your cash flow and grow your business at the same time. My monthly service is billed using a recurring monthly subscription. No contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees.

Here are examples of small design (content) tasks:

  • Create website graphics
  • Design social media images
  • Design new Facebook or Twitter covers
  • Create a custom blog post featured image
  • Photo editing, like removing product backgrounds
  • Changing contact information on the website
  • Changing time-sensitive data on your site
  • Fixing missed typos, spelling, or grammar errors

Client Testimonials

Here is what some of my clients have to say…

“My life has been on a whirlwind of pleasant surprises since launching Working with Jason Holland provided me with a site that is truly something to brag about. The challenge then became to live up to it by providing valuable content while having fun in the process. Now that I have this new vehicle to be a voice in my community, as Jason stated, the real work begins.

One of my short term goals is to increase my social media presence by engaging followers with something they can relate to. I want to be able to touch on topics and a way of being not often tapped into by those doing similar work. It is my purpose to define a new way of looking at gay men of color via unique content only available at

As I’m able to establish myself as someone who is trustworthy, I want to fully branch out into becoming a lifestyle brand. Establishing network opportunities and creating merchandise will all be a part of a new endeavor solidifying the vision of the site.

I’m still learning and sometimes stumbling along the way. I do however, find comfort in a website that I can be proud of. One that will take my dreams and turn them into reality.”

Darrin Johnson

Professional Blogger/Owner,

“As a branding professional, I have collaborated over the past few years with several vendors to create websites for my clients. These vendors include a very large and expensive agency as well as individual freelancers. I have found Jason to be hands-down the most reliable web designer I’ve ever worked with. In terms of design and aesthetic, he truly “gets” it. When it comes to communication and follow-through, he excels. And–best of all–he actually does what he says he is going to do, on time and on budget without excuses, something that his industry peers all too often don’t.”

Mi Ae Lipe

Author/Owner, Bounty from the Box

“We’ve worked with Jason Holland for years now, through several versions of our website. Jason went beyond just designing and coding this last time, to add functionality that allowed us to have more control than ever, eliminating the need for a third party resource. It’s now mobile friendly as well, which as anyone who’s paying attention knows, is critical today. Working with Jason is not only critical to our marketing efforts, it’s truly a pleasure to work with him as well.”

Michael Curless

Innkeeper/Owner, The Willows Inn

How Does the ‘Hosting Starter Kit’ Work?

Every monthly subscription plan includes the ‘Hosting Starter Kit.‘ I provide hassle-free service by taking care of the technical setup for you, so you don’t have to. Getting started is as EASY as 1-2-3…


1. Choose Your Plan

Choose the monthly subscription plan that best suites your needs and budget.

2. Get Acquainted

I will personally follow up with you within 24 hours for introductions and verify your info.

3. Get Up & Running

Based on your plan, I will partner with you and take care of the technical setup for you.

Is Your Subscription Service Right for Me?

How Can You Help Me?

I believe anyone committed to their success can find their voice, create a brand, build a sustainable online presence, and connect authentically with their target audience.

Unique approach to the creative process. My goal is to partner with you to empower your success online. I strive to inspire, educate, and support you through the entire lifecycle of your project. Learn about my process »

WordPress ‘Hosting Starter Kit.’ All plans include a professional WordPress hosting service, enhanced with monthly security and performance updates to give you peace of mind and hit the ground running. Learn about my hosting plan »

My service isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for ‘free,’ you’ve come to the wrong place. But, if you are looking for a fair and affordable alternative to high up-front pricing, you have come to the right place!

Who Benefits from a Subscription Plan?

By providing my service to you as a monthly subscription, you’ll be able to affordably partner with a digital brand strategy and web design pro for the sustainable grow of your business.

My monthly subscription plans are a fair and affordable option for solopreneurs and small businesses who recognize the value of partnering with a digital brand strategy and web design pro.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

Nope! My monthly service is billed using a recurring monthly subscription. There are no contracts to sign, setup fees, or cancellation fees. You can cancel at any time, no strings attached.

This sounds too good to be true…how can you provide monthly subscription service?

I am fair and I have found my clients are as well. I support a very reasonable number of tasks per client and will let you know if the requested task is beyond the scope of your subscription.

Still have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact me.

Do You Need the Helping Hand of a Pro?

By taking care of the technology for you, my goal is to guide you through the creative process. I'll strategically help you launch your brand, increase traffic, build your list, and generate revenue.  I achieve this by mentoring you through entire creative life cycle of creating a sustainable online presence, focusing on four key areas:


Inspiration you to find your authentic voice and share your joy with the world.


Create your beautiful, engaging, visual identity and brand experience.


Build your secure, and blazing-fast, sustainable online presence.


Connect you authentically to your audience to establish lasting relationships.

Partner with a Pro to Grow Your Business

A flexible and affordable partnership with an experienced pro web designer that helps grow your business and gives you the freedom to pursue all your passions. No Contracts. No Commitments. No BS.
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