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digtal brand strategy & pro web design

Leveraging a unique approach to the creative process, my goal is to help people – just like you – sustainably grow their business. Taking care of the technology for you, I provide a “full-stack” mindset to digital brand strategy and pro website design services.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful brand equity embraces the connection and emotional response you want to evoke with customers and employees. Your project begins with a strategy kick-off session where I listen to understand your needs. My goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for the sustainable growth of your business.

Working Prototype Wireframes

A unique take on user experience (UX), I provide functional “working prototype” wireframes. Just like a house, you wouldn’t start decorating the interior without working blueprints. So why would you do the same with a website? Before starting the design, the process starts by building a working prototype (no design applied).

Visual User Interface Design

With 20 years of experience, I’m well versed in the modern trends of visual user interface (UI) design for your mobile-ready WordPress site. Combining the brand strategy and working prototype wireframes, I create a hand-crafted, custom, look and feel for your website.

Web Dev Design Integration

Once the design is approved, I integrate the approved look and feel into your WordPress site leveraging the Divi Builder Drag-and-Drop theme. Every site I create is a custom visual experience designed to create a memorable brand experience for your customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great content is useless without a nuanced approach to search engine optimization. My SEO writer’s creativity and advertising experience have made her uncommonly adept at seamlessly meshing marketing keywords and quality content for a wide-range of industries.

Social Media Marketing

To-the-minute updates and the ability to connect directly with potential customers can take a company above and beyond the competition. I provide a social media strategy designed to help you sustain lasting, and authentic, relationships with your customers.

Personalized 1-on-1 Training

Via Google Hangout (or In-Person*), I provide digital brand strategy and WordPress content management training (CMS). During the training, my goal is to empower you to grow your online presence and confidently maintain your site content. In addition, I provide video-based WordPress training, directly in the dashboard.

Target Audience Email Marketing

Email is the currency of the web, and anybody who is online has an active email address. When it comes to connecting with your prospects and customers, there’s no channel with a wider reach than email. I will provide you with the tools to engage your audience and grow your email list.

Value-Based Creative Services

Full-Stack Support

From digital brand strategy and visual design to code-free building and post-launch digital marketing support – like having a reliable pro with you, every step of the way.

No Code Required!

Your WordPress-powered website will include the Divi Drag-and-Drop Theme. This means you’ll never need to write or touch code to maintain your content.

Video Training Manuals

Your WordPress website will include a video training manual covering the most common content, SEO, and media management tasks. Plus, Divi Drag-and-Drop Theme training.

Additional Services Available

Below are additional available marketing, design, and development services. Working with 3rd party vendors, in some instances, these services may be outside the scope of the estimated project. They are available upon request to help you grow your business, but estimated separately. Please contact me if you have any questions about these services.


  • Product/Service Launch Strategy
  • Facebook Live Broadcasting Consulting
  • Facebook/Twitter Advertising Support
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing Management

Graphic Design

  • Logo/Identity Design
  • Email Template Design
  • ClickFunnels Design
  • Print/Packaging/Event Design
  • Custom 2D Illustration

Web Development

  • Custom Web Development
  • (HTML5/CSS3/PHP/Javascript)
  • WordPress Custom Theme Development
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Mobile App Design/Development

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¡hola amigos!

i am jason holland

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to share my insights, story, and life purpose with you. This website and project have been an ongoing evolution, brewing within me for some time. I have passionately worked over the years to bring it out to the world. The fact that you’re reading this is proof that life truly is magical when you commit to living in alignment with creativity and purpose.

With 20+ years of digital marketing, brand strategy, and pro website design experience, I am fully committed in my role as Heart-Centered, Interactive Creative Director.

Jason Holland

Heart-Centered, Interactive Creative Director

I pride myself in building lasting relationships with each of my clients. I thrive when the work I do has a purpose, creating a positive impact in the world. Through a unique, heart-centered, approach to the creative process, I enable my clients to get out of their way and untangle the obstacles preventing them from igniting their inner creative fire, finding their passion, and stepping into their purpose.

My goal is to empower each of my clients, directing them through the entire lifecycle of their project to create an authentic, sustainable, and profitable online business. I do this by supporting, educating, and inspiring them to confidently commit to working through the entire process – from brand strategy, professional website design, and web development, to product launch, social media engagement, and email marketing.

With a professional web presence, my clients can authentically engage their target audience, establish sustainable relationships with their customers, grow their email list, successfully launch their products or services, and of course, generate revenue.

A 20-year Professional Career

For the last 20 years, I have had many incredible opportunities as a professional designer, working as freelancer, in-house, and for agencies. But, the vast majority of my career has been as a solo entrepreneur. I have worn many hats, including:

  • Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  • Lead Generation, Sales, and Marketing Manger
  • Collaborative Project Manager
  • User Experience Designer
  • Visual User Interface Designer
  • WordPress Web Developer (HTML5/CSS3/PHP/MySQL/Jquery)
  • Responsive (Mobile-Ready) Web Developer
  • Digital Brand Strategist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Print, Corporate Identity, and Product Packaging Designer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Email List Marketing Specialist
  • Online Launch Strategist
  • and more...

Having worked professionally for myself and other companies, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing clients. My past client roster includes:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Nintendo
  • Sears Canada
  • Weight Watchers
  • Starbucks
  • Phunware
  • Zino
  • and more...

Where I am at my best though is in the role of helping other artists, entrepreneurs, and other small businesses. With a solid design portfolio, I am extremely proud of my work and the success my clients have achieved over the years.

Educate and Inspire From Your Creativity Within™

During a guided visualization meditation one night while I was still living in Palm Springs, a phrase popped into my head: "Educate and inspire from your creativity within." (Yes, I know it's grammatically incorrect, but when ascended masters and arch angels tell you your life purpose, you just have to listen and go with it.)

A mantra to live by. With more focus and fine-tuned clarity, I am committed to stepping fully as an educator, an active listener, and creative problem solver. As Heart-Centered Creative Director, my goal is to help others:

  • Mindfully master technology
  • Overcome their fears and to limit beliefs
  • Find their passion and fuel their inner creative fire
  • Discover their tribe and find their voice
  • Create value and a beautiful brand experience
  • Build a sustainable online presence
  • Establishing meaningful relationships with their target audience.

work with me

A Mindful Journey

At the end of 2016, I made a conscious choice to live the life of a digital nomad. "Location independence" basically means I have the ability to do my job anywhere I can connect to the Internet. Along with my travel buddy, my golden retriever Mila, I am on a mindful journey to nomadic living, explore the world, and sharing our experiences.

Since December 2016, we’ve explored a good portion of southern California, including Orcutt/Santa Maria (Central Coast), Bakersfield, Palm Springs, San Diego, Beverly Hills & West Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and San Francisco.

Currently location: Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México.

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Jason Holland (and Mila!)

Jason Holland

I am a Heart-Centered, Interactive Creative Director who helps people build beautiful online experiences.

WhatsApp/Mobile: +1.760.442.7487
Social: @jasonhollandio

Currently Location:
Playa del Carmen, QR, MX.

Let's Get Social!

Thank You...

Interest in what clients have to say about their experience working with me? I am so grateful to be able to guide my clients, here are some of their testimonials to share.

Would you like to share your own testimonial? Send me your comment, picture or video via social media!

“My life has been on a whirlwind of pleasant surprises since launching Working with Jason Holland provided me with a site that is truly something to brag about. The challenge then became to live up to it by providing valuable content while having fun in the process. Now that I have this new vehicle to be a voice in my community, as Jason stated, the real work begins.

One of my short term goals is to increase my social media presence by engaging followers with something they can relate to. I want to be able to touch on topics and a way of being not often tapped into by those doing similar work. It is my purpose to define a new way of looking at gay men of color via unique content only available at

As I’m able to establish myself as someone who is trustworthy, I want to fully branch out into becoming a lifestyle brand. Establishing network opportunities and creating merchandise will all be a part of a new endeavor solidifying the vision of the site.

I’m still learning and sometimes stumbling along the way. I do however, find comfort in a website that I can be proud of. One that will take my dreams and turn them into reality.”

Darrin Johnson

Professional Blogger/Owner,

“We’ve worked with Jason Holland for years now, through several versions of our website. Jason went beyond just designing and coding this last time, to add functionality that allowed us to have more control than ever, eliminating the need for a third party resource. It’s now mobile friendly as well, which as anyone who’s paying attention knows, is critical today. Working with Jason is not only critical to our marketing efforts, it’s truly a pleasure to work with him as well.”

Michael Curless

Innkeeper/Owner, The Willows Inn

"Jason is the rock I stand on and the secret to my success! I have spent thousands of dollars on do-it-yourself courses, programs and trainings and never once was able to use any of it in a profitable way! Then, I found Jason Holland! He knows his stuff and got me online in a way that accurately and beautifully tells my story and that truly resonates with those I seek to serve."

Mark Hollenstein

Success Coach + Spiritual Guide, Mark Hollenstein

“As a branding professional, I have collaborated over the past few years with several vendors to create websites for my clients. These vendors include a very large and expensive agency as well as individual freelancers. I have found Jason to be hands-down the most reliable web designer I’ve ever worked with. In terms of design and aesthetic, he truly “gets” it. When it comes to communication and follow-through, he excels. And–best of all–he actually does what he says he is going to do, on time and on budget without excuses, something that his industry peers all too often don’t.”

Mi Ae Lipe

Author/Owner, Bounty from the Box

Jason is a joy to work with, a consummately intuitive designer. When I started my financial marketing consulting business in 2009, he helped me explore my firm's background story and attributes to create a truly distinct and relevant identity.

Although his core talents are in web design, he easily shifted gears to develop an amazing logo that perfectly combined the origins of my company and a bold personality for going forward. Subsequently, he has made sure the website remains fresh and technologically-current, as well as produced several inventive print pieces.

Additionally, Jason has provided graphic design services for various clients of my marketing agency. Those include top-tier financial services firms such as Chase, Citi, HSBC, J.P. Morgan and Scotiabank, as well as related industry associations and technology companies. His work either matches or exceeds other materials produced by these global financial institutions. Jason always brings an imaginative vision to what typically could be rather unexciting financial services marketing projects.

For all of the reasons above, I highly recommend Jason for any and all graphic design services!

Greg Manko

Chief Creative Officer, Manko Marketing

“Jason Holland was very prompt with what my website needed to get done and was extremely helpful in the process of helping me move forward after it was set up.”

Kelly Alexander

Radio DJ and Podcast Host, The Kelly Alexander Show

An affordable partnership with an Interactive Creative Director, Digital Brand Strategist, and Pro Web Designer that helps grow your business and gives you the freedom to pursue your passion.

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